Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaway Winner

Sharon and Amy are the winners! Congratulations ladies, message me your email address and let me know which super hero pattern you'd prefer and I will email it to you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Super Wonder Mom AND Wonder Hero Apron Patterns

Do you ever wish you had Super Powers? The ability to wash dishes at lightning make gourmet meals from slow time so you can do everything on your "to-do" list...? Just put on a Super Hero Apron and feel the power! Okay, so it won't give you Super Powers, but it will make you look like a superhero (and it may even give you the silly freedom to play super heroes with your kids every once in a while).

I'm so excited to finally have TWO new patterns ready for release. These new apron patterns are for all of the amazing-super-wonder-moms out there. The first style is called the "Super Wonder Mom Apron".

It has all the pattern pieces and/or directions that you will need to create two different apron styles: A sweetheart neckline with a peaked belt (first photo), or a square neckline with a straight belt (second photo). The square neckline bib is the perfect size for doing an applique or two, and this pattern is loaded with applique options. (Please note that the pattern does not, however, contain any trademarked or copyrighted designs).

This pattern is fairly easy to do, but the peaked waistband can be tricky, so it's not recommended for beginners.

The second style is called the "Wonder Hero Apron".  This pattern was made as a simpler version of the (more complicated) Super Wonder Mom Apron. It still has the peaked belt and neckband, but is quite a bit easier to sew.

Please note that this pattern does not contain any applique templates. You do not have to use solid colors though. Sometimes you will find a fun print that works perfectly. Have fun making an apron that is a reflection of you and your own super-ness!


Also, if you prefer a square neckline there are a few simple instructions near the end of the pattern that explain how to convert the neckline (see photo below).

These aprons are perfect for hosting a super hero party for your kids (or even your adult friends). It would also make a great gift for any wonderful woman in your life (maybe Mother's Day... hint hint), or make one for yourself!

The "Super Wonder Mom" pattern will be priced at $10, but for the first week of release (until  03/22/2013) it's $7.

The "Wonder Hero" pattern will be priced at $8, and for the first week of release (until 03/22/2013) it's $5.

They can be purchased as an instant download from my etsy shop .

You can also enter to win your choice of one of these apron patterns.  And, since I'm releasing two patterns, I will be giving two away this time.  There are two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here letting me know you like the pattern.

2. Go to my facebook page and "like". If you're already a facebook follower simply like the post announcing the new pattern. Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you "liked" on facebook.

That's it. The giveaway is closed at 11:59 pm on 03/22/2013 and the winner will be announced here and on facebook on March 23, 2013.

(If you buy the pattern on sale but end up winning the giveaway, you can pick any other apron pattern that you'd like). Good luck!