About Me

My name is Tanya.  I am a fabric-addict with a life long love of fabric, sewing and clothing design. In high-school, I worked at a fabric store at nights and on the weekends. I spent so much of my paycheck on fabric (hey, I had an employee discount...I couldn’t resist) that my parents were amazed that I saved anything for college. I have a degree in Clothing and Textiles and I’ve held several jobs in the apparel, fashion and textiles industries including sales, inspection, construction, alterations, costuming and custom sewing.

Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong decade. I love old movies, retro tv shows, and vintage styles. I currently sell my patterns at:
www.modvdesigns.com (website)
www.modernvintagedesigns.etsy.com (etsy shop)

(other venues include Craftsy, YouCanMakeThis, Whimsical Fabrics, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and Meylah)