Selling Items Made from MVD Patterns

You may sell any handmade items you create using my patterns on the following (3) three conditions:

1. Items must be made by one person (the original purchaser of the pattern) in his/her home. This person assumes all legal responsibilities for his/her products.  Mass-production of items is NOT allowed.

2. Any online listing descriptions will credit Modern Vintage Designs as the pattern designer and include a link to my shop. or if you are selling on etsy.

3. Please tag or label all items with a small tag giving credit to Modern Vintage Designs for the pattern design. For your convenience, printable tags are included in each pattern. If you’d like, you can make your own tags, as long as they include the phrase “This item was made with a pattern by Modern Vintage Designs "

A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of each of my patterns, and I trust that you will respect my work by complying with these terms and conditions.

Also, although I may still sell a few finished items here and there, I’ve decided to focus most of my efforts on creating new patterns. I’m in the process of creating a list of people who use my patterns to make finished items. This list would be forwarded to clients who contact me about purchasing finished items and custom made orders. If you are interested in being on this list, you can contact me with your email address and/or shop address and I’ll be happy to include you on the referral list.